This is our master list of aaOpenSource projects. If you’d like to contribute code, check out our contribution guide and jump on in!

aaBackupThis is an application meant to be run from the command line to perform numerous types of Galaxy Object backups or exports.FunctionalC#Andy Robinson
aaEncryptionEncrypts and decrypts strings.FunctionalC#Andy Robinson
aaTemplateExtractA tool to extract scripts and attributes from ArchestrA Galaxy templates and output them to human (and version control) readable XML.FunctionalVisual BasicEliot Landrum
aaPluginNppAllows you to edit ArchestrA code in Notepad++ with syntax highlighting, suggestion of built in functions (with parameters) etc.FunctionalXMLRyan Hildebrandt
PingHostAn object with advanced capabilities for pinging hosts.FunctionalQuickScript .NETEliot Landrum
aaDocumentCreate automatic documentation of objects using Template Extract and other tools.PlannedAndy Robinson
aaMinifyA codeset to allow you to minify an aaPKG filePlannedAndy Robinson
aaPkgManagerPlannedAndy Robinson
Galaxy-CSV-ProcessorA post processor for galaxy dumps to split all template types onto separate worksheetsFunctionalExcel VBAAndy Robinson
GRaccess ExcelAn excel workbook with macros written using GRAccess to make bulk configuration of templates and objects easierPlannedAndy Robinson
Little Galaxy HelpersA series of SQL scripts to make extracting data from Galaxy DB easierPlannedAndy Robinson
Little Historian HelpersA series of SQL scripts for Historian DataPlannedAndy Robinson