Welcome to our new little site! aaOpenSource is the brainchild of Andy Robinson. He’s been kicking this thing around on his former employers blog and GitHub for the past couple of years. I finally contributed some code and thought it might be fun to set up a little dedicated site for our efforts. Maybe with a standalone site we can inspire and get some other ArchestrA developers involved.

So, what’s this all about anyway? Personally, I think it’s about helping to open up an industry that has been tight-fisted and scared to share anything of value. The automation / system integration industry has traditionally been very secretive about the tools we use and develop in-house. As we’ve seen from the Open Source movement’s success over the past 20 years, this “scared to share” route is a lousy path to take. The advantages of knowledge and code sharing across an industry are well understood and easily observed in industries such as web and mobile app development. Those industries have seen tremendous technical growth and advancement because developers across the industry are sharing knowledge and skills. They have been able to build on each other’s successes to create better tools, resources, and platforms.

The manufacturing / automation / system integration industry, on the other hand? We’re scared of sharing anything for risk of our competitors seeing what we do. In reality, we could be growing a stronger skill base by talking with others and comparing notes.

aaOpenSource is a way for us to start talking, start sharing, and create community. aaOpenSource is focused on tools, knowledge, and tricks for the Wonderware System Platform (ArchestrA). Check out our GitHub project, poke around, and jump on in. Our hope is that aaOpenSource becomes a little hub of like-minded ArchestrA developers who want to create better things for our customers and make our work lives a little better.

We hope you’ll join our conversations, and please, contribute!

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