deployCamp is launching!

Notice things have been a little quiet here? Welp, Andy and I have been working on something special.

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you may have seen my frustrations at the lack of open dialogue in the manufacturing industry. I often feel like I’m working on a desert island with tools that Google isn’t aware exists. Welp, in the spirit of changing things for the better, Andy and I have been putting our heads together and figuring out what to do about it. Our solution? Have a giant meetup!

This event is a natural outflow of aaOpenSource, and I hope will bring more folks into the collaborative community. We’re capping the event at 100 participants, and already lining up amazing speakers. Gary Mintchell of The Manufacturing Connection will be our keynote speaker and is 100% onboard with what we’re doing.

You can read more about our motivation and what we’re thinking on the site. I’m super excited about the whole deal and hope that YOU can join us for deployCamp 2015!

(By the way… really need speakers! Submit a topic to cover at our Call for Speakers page.)

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