More goodness added to aaLog; New Options format

Spurred on by a request from a user with a unique situation I have been hard at work adding some new features to the aaLog library.  Over the course of the next few posts I will discuss many of the new features that have been added.  To start things off I’ll give information on the […]

aaLog is all growed up and Splunktified

When I released the aaLog library a few months ago I thought it was a pretty good set of work.  With the library, and the help of the example projects, you could very easily gain access to the Archestra Log files on the local machine and return a strongly typed list that would then give […]

A few thoughts on aaLog

A couple weeks ago I posted the first commit for aaLog I posted a few thoughts on some LinkedIn groups but I thought it was be more appropriate to write in a more long form style here on our home blog. The Beginnings For many years I’ve been frustrated by the limited nature of […]

Seeding the Repo

So I was a little busy this morning seeding the GitHub repo with some projects that have absolutely no code in them.  My main purpose was to start putting down all of my ideas for tools we could create with help from the community.  I have the core concepts in my mind and now we […]