aaLog is all growed up and Splunktified

When I released the aaLog library a few months ago I thought it was a pretty good set of work. ¬†With the library, and the help of the example projects, you could very easily gain access to the Archestra Log files on the local machine and return a strongly typed list that would then give […]

A few thoughts on aaLog

A couple weeks ago I posted the first commit for aaLog https://github.com/aaOpenSource/aaLog I posted a few thoughts on some LinkedIn groups but I thought it was be more appropriate to write in a more long form style here on our home blog. The Beginnings For many years I’ve been frustrated by the limited nature of […]

aaSplunko Added to GitHub

In a nod to the big data gods we have posted what I hope is the first of a series of code release for helping you push System Platform data out to Splunk. Link to the repository is here https://github.com/aaOpenSource/aaSplunko Also, I have moved this collection of thoughts below from the ReadMe to this blog […]